Heliophora or Moroccan “Sand dollar” is a marine animal living on the shores of the North African Atlantic. Its palette of colors and shapes nourishes an abundance of myths and legends. One of the legends suggests that Heliphora are coins left by mermaids, a myth that remains very much alive. Indeed, Dakhla lagoon between ocean and desert, offers these beautiful creatures an ideal place for a temporary rest. They would have left Heliophora as a thank you for the lagoon hospitality. Others say that the five elements inside the shell are doves. After its opening, the birds escape bringing in peace and prosperity.

Heliophora means “bearing the sun”. This lovely species lives in shallow sea beds since the Miocene era. Its longevity implies an incredible adaptability and strength drawn from a life in large groups.

Heliophora was brought to our attention thanks to the curiosity of one of our friends and young riders, Adrien. Its beauty and rarity immediately seduced us. This treasure, a new and unexpected clover kind, naturally emerged as the perfect representative of our EcoLodge RidersCamp.

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