With nearly 60,000 inhabitants , Dakhla continues to be a place of passage and crossing. Since the Aeropostale of the 20s and 30s to today’s air shows, prestigious aviators stopped here. This last town before Mauritania is a special stop-over since some whispers it is The Little Prince by Saint–Exupéry birthplace.

The city mainly populated by Sahrawis saw its population expand to other inhabitants of Morocco attracted by the region but also by distant travelers first passing through and eventually staying here. The Berbers have settled here before the 15th century and the Spanish invasion. In Dakhla different influences coexist (Berber, Spanish, Mauritanian, Moroccan) but the city never allows to be labeled by a single identity. It remains open and curious.

The city has many places for relaxing moments (cafes, restaurants), an incredible fishing port (one of the main in Morocco) . Fresh fish is cooked with all the art and knowledge necessary to bake beautiful species of white fish or sardines. Camel farms brings the possibility to enjoy a meat of good quality.
Dakhla Airport liaises with the Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport
Recently, the city welcomes a large range of festivals honoring watersports, music and the Saharawi culture.

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