Be an Eco-rider, Travel differently


Heliophora Ecolodge was built in harmony with the Atlantic Ocean bordering the camp and the Sahara desert under its ground. To respect the resources of this unique place, we want to preserve the environment hosting us. We are particularly aware of our responsibility to protect the natural wealth of the area. With the partnership of an expert – Aqualogik – we implemented solutions to control the ecological footprint of the camp.


To achieve this, systems as Soil filters and Phytoremediation were put in place to complete the virtuous system born of dry toilets installed in each bungalow. Indeed, soil purification relies on the purifying capacity of the soil to treat graywater. While Phyto-purification is an effective wastewater treatment plants through the system. The structure reaches its full efficiency by allowing water filtration, oxygenation of the roots by the wind and the formation of compost with annual regrowth of reeds. Thus, it is possible to use water sparingly, precious groundwater available to more than 400 meters deep. In addition, the Pedo-purification and Phyto-purification are suited to arid climates such as Dakhla and its region. They allow to fully respecting the water cycle with purifying functions that have been proven today.


These devices complete their virtuosity with the installation of solar panels that will provide green thermal and electric energy. Heliophora offers its visitors a conscious and eco- tourism experience that does not sacrifice the quality and comfort of their stay.
By the installation of grey water treatment methods and green energy production Heliophora allows visitors to leave no fingerprints other than those on the sand.

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