Eco-lodges are ready!

We’re happy that the construction work is on schedule; 9 Eco-lodges are now ready to welcome the first guests who are coming to discover the spot on Friday April 11th!!

No noise generators, electricity and hot water are produced by 100% solar energy.

For the bathroom finition, we chose TADELAKT; a very ancient technique used in Morocco since a long time. This is a coating based on lime and powdered marble. In addition to its decorative aspect, Tadelakt ensures a good water seal. This coating is traditionally used in hammams.

Awaiting for the completion of the restaurant which will offer an excepetional view on the Bay, a Saharawi tent near the water will be the catering place ideal for sharing your Riding sessions in the lagoon. Traditional Moroccan dishes will be served: Couscous, tagines, grilled fish…

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