Useful Information

For a short stay, the plane is the best mean of transport to come to Dakhla. Indeed, we are located at the very south of Morocco (more than 2000 Km south of the Detroit of Gibraltar)

Airline Company: Royal Air Maroc

London, Roma, Madrid, Berlin… => Casablanca / Agadir
Casablanca => Dakhla – Flight duration: 2H20
Agadir => Dakhla – Flight duration: 1h45

On request, Heliophora organizes transfers to/from Airport to the camp. Prices to be confirmed on the booking offer.

A valid passport 6 months after the date of return
No specific vaccines are required

CET- 2h in summer / -1h in winter

Dakhla has a pleasant desertic climate with 16 to 24 °C in winter and 23 to 32 °C in summer. Below, the monthly averages of wind and temperatures:


Tamazight and Arabic are the two official languages but French is also often spoken.

The local currency is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). The change rate on March 1st 2014 was 1 Euro ≈ 11.23 Dirhams

– Sun lotion (waterproof preferably)
– Sunglasses and a Hat
– Watersuit (2-3 mm). They are provided for Riding class participants.
– Light clothes for the day
– Warm clothes for the evening
– Towels

Free WIFI available at the Restaurant. The connexion quality can change depending on the 3G network.